My response to Rustie's "urgent message"

It is a like a stab in my back to find such a "message" on Rustie's web site.

Scroll down and read my response below - and decide for yourself if Rustie's claims are really so:

Click here for a PDF file printed from the URL to substantiate the URL where the screen shot above was taken from.

1.) "Has not been authorized"

I have never made the claim to be a Rustie doll dealer - anywhere, ever.

Why to be on "defense" when no "offense" has been made?

Only mediocrity could
celebrate of being just a "middle man" - re-selling someone else's creative goods - rather than being the originator of something worthwhile.
2.) "Has no affiliation or connection to Rustie's in any way, shape or form"

Why would there be a "need" to "disguise" of being (more precisely having been) a fan?

As a collector and fan, I met Rustie in person at the International Toy Fair at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City for many consecutive years.

Scroll down and carefully peruse all presented information and decide for yourselves whether or not Rustie had "no affiliation or connection" to me "in any way, shape or form".
3.) "Refrain from patronizing these sites"

Is Rustie indicating that her dolls that are not sold directly by her lost their authenticity and value?

Rustie may not like it but doll collectors have all the right under the sun to buy/sell dolls on the second hand market. Actually, there is a GREAT NEED for doll forums on the Internet to provide second hand market platforms for buyer/seller collectors to make exchanges of dolls that are OF EQUAL AUTHENTICITY AND VALUE.

If you, dear buyer/seller collector, "refrain from patronizing" web sites that offer you a platform enabling you to find/re-home dolls on the second hand market - you may just have "shot" your own objective (and wallet) "in its own foot".

Of course, collectors finding online doll forum platforms and buying/selling Rustie dolls on the second hand market may cut directly into Rustie's revenue of direct sales of NEW dolls - which would give her an evident reason to fight the establishment of second hand market platforms and the sale/purchase of dolls on such platforms - with tooth and nail.

As a discriminate artist doll collector and a fan, I acquired several artist originals from Rustie in the past - boosting her business.

According to Rustie's latest "mission statement", it is obvious that neither fans nor customers mean anything to her (especially after a possible assumption that a lemon may have been squeezed dry).

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I collected some photos from my archive files of Rustie and I taken at the International Toy Fair in New York City throughout the years as well as correspondences (approximately 2001-2010).

As I said before, you decide for yourselves whether or not Rustie had "no affiliation or connection" to me "in any way, shape or form":

Rustie and I at the International Toy Fair 2001

Rustie and I at the International Toy Fair 2004

One of the originals I bought from Rustie in person at the International Toy Fair in 2004 she personally signed for me - here is a photo of her while signing:

Rustie and I at the International Toy Fair 2005


Here is a feedback from Rustie (Rustie's eBay ID is "international779") on my eBay feedback profile - after I purchased an artist original named "Raspberry Dreams" from her in September of 2010.

Link to Rustie's eBay profile:

Link to my eBay profile is - if you scroll back many pages you will find her feedback posted on September 12, 2010 at 4:30PM:

"5 Star eBayer ... come back anytime"


Here is a UPS shipping label of the artist original Rustie sold to me on eBay and shipped to me in September of 2010:


Link to a PDF file of my email conversation with Rustie in September of 2010 when I purchased "Raspberry Dreams" from her. After "Raspberry Dreams" arrived, I took photos of her and uploaded them under The Doll Empire web site under the following URL: and I emailed the link to Rustie. Rustie even made personal reference about my daughter in her email reply. To read my entire email conversation with Rustie:



What happened, Rustie?

Is this how you treat fans, collectors and customers?



Let me tell you my dear, I wholeheartedly agree with Gerard Way, as he states:

"Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit..." - Gerard Way


It is rather saddening to find out peoples' true character; the real essence of what actually lays inside.

This is Rustie's "thank you" to someone who admired her, bought many of her dolls (boosting her business).


Could it be that Rustie suffers from a nervous condition?

Could it be that Rustie is in financial trouble?

And/or, could it be that -in addition of being a talented celebrity- Rustie is also a bitch?